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Different Ways to Greet your Loved Ones a "Happy Birthday"


In every relationship, there must be constant communication. Whether it is your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, kids, parents or even friends, communication will always be the key to a stronger relationship.


In instances wherein your love ones will celebrate their special day - birthday, you must also be able to express how blessed and happy you are for blessing them with another year to live. But the question is, how are you going to express your love in a way that it is properly communicated to them and at the same time, will highlight how strong and happy your relationship is?


Celebrating birthdays must always be a fun-filled moment in your life. But aside from the fact that you have lived another year, one thing that you expect is for your loved ones to surprise you in your birthday or at least greet you, right? If you are away from loved ones, remembering your special day will really mean a lot. So one way to make you happy on your birthday is when you are greeted in any form of communication. Since you are in a long distance relationship, they can always greet you by means of using the Internet - video calls or social media sites. They can also send you flowers, cakes or gifts by means of delivery. In social media, they can always make use of memes or images that will truly flatter you. These happy birthday sister gestures will indeed prove that despite the distance, you are confident that you are always remembered and that your relationship with them will be stronger than ever.


In case that the birthday celebrator's current address is the same as yours or at least you are very near to each other, greeting them a happy birthday is a bit more challenging. This is due to the fact that they will already expect something for you such as a birthday surprise. But in order to make your surprise extra special, you need to make it unique. It must be the least that he or she will be expecting and to do that, having a funny birthday surprise will indeed be a very effective strategy. When you talk about funny birthday surprises, you may want to hire a clown to entertain during the party or you may want to think of a funny theme, such as cartoon character customer party. This will definitely create a happy and funny birthday party. Also, you may want to deliver your Funniest birthday wishes by talking about their humorous experiences in the past.